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Coworking Office Rental – A New Way to Work

Written by:  Preston Dellinger

Coworking office rental space is a new office option on the scene for professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners.  Perhaps you frequent the local coffee shop 4 days a week for a long duration to get your work crunched out.  Maybe you have an office on the 12th floor of a building that is getting harder to get to each day from traffic and long commute time.  Enter the new coworking office space that is making a big splash in today’s economy.

As a user of coworking space currently for my main place of work, it would only be fitting to share some of my thoughts about it and recommend it to people that can identify with some of these reasons.  For a while, I was working out of my home office and decided to look into other options outside of my home.  I searched high and low for office space at a decent price that had flexibility with lease terms.  Because my job is dynamic with lots of travel involved, I didn’t feel the need to be bogged down with a 1 year or greater lease.  Also, in the case I needed to move somewhere quickly, I would have to continue the lease until it ran out, without even using it.  After looking at many options, a friend told me about coworking space so I decided to give it a try.  The one main question I had was how can I make my sales phone calls and stay on the phone 50% of the time.  I didn’t want to make sales calls while sitting in a room with other people and interrupting them from their work.  Answer….phone booths…..problem solved.  A huge benefit also to me and many people is satisfying a need to socialize.  Even though I stay on the phone a lot of the day, being at home alone working can get rather lonely.  By having a great place to commune with other professionals, it not only allows for meeting tons of great people, but also gives motivation by being around other hard working folks.

I could go into many more specifics as to why I am a huge fan of this type office space, though options are different at each one.  If you are looking for a change in workplace venue and have the flexibility to do so, I would highly recommend you check out coworking office rental space options near you!  Each one is different so make sure you ask for a detail of what is included with your membership.  I am confident you will find value by at least checking out the options, even if you aren’t quite ready to commit to something just yet!

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